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BORN READY Ep 1 – Brought to You by Headphones


Welcome to the inaugural episode of BORN READY! With good buddy and co-host Raymond Hobbs, producer Duncan Wold, and sponsor PianoFight Productions, we break down all theater’s stupid issues including The Tony’s, the Theatre Bay Area Awards, ageism, print media, late seating, and Tourettes Without Regrets. AND we answer the age old question, who is theater’s Elon Musk? Check it out!

Big thanks to PFMD for providing the song, “Lane Splitter” as the opening / closing bumper song. “Lane Splitter” is off PFMD’s upcoming EP to be released in August.

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  1. Glad I listened to this , missed the first one, it would have been nice to have listened before I heard the latest because of the TBA connection. By the way, theater not only has an older audience base, so does the symphony. I call it the public television audience which is also very gray. It is also relevant the theater tickets and symphony tickets are often close to a hundred bucks per person for decent seats which is unaffordable for younger people who came of age in the Bush created horrible economy. I do not have blue hair, but I do avoid going out too late at night but I can afford tickets a few times a year. For the same reasons mentioned PBS and NPR are relying on an ever aging audience for financial support. My husband calls people with expired Sierra Club memberships etc. and often reaches a frail elderly person who refuses to donate. Nice first show.