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BORN READY EP 13 – Bewwnd Da Fweng Di Mahyyaauuhh w/ Bennett Fisher

Our guest on episode 13 is playwright, actor and director Ben Fisher! Ben was on break from the MFA Playwriting program at UCSD and just closed his new play Campo Maldito at the SF Fringe. The show also played the NY Fringe earlier in the summer and snagged a great NY Times review in the process. Ben gets into his different experiences at both festivals, and how audiences reacted in each city.

Ben’s show is set in the Tenderloin, the same neighborhood in which PianoFight is building its new space and that has exploded with Tech business in the last two years. Campo Maldito is about a young tech CEO who, after a few strange occurrences in the office, hires a Santeria priest to purify the office at which point total craziness ensues. Says Ben, “It’s a ghost story and it’s about the changing neighborhood in the Tenderloin and the changing city and the clash between the tech wealth and the people who have been here for a long time.”

We get into gentrification and how art and artists have a real effect on neighborhoods; how the tech industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years; and why overtly, on-the-nose political plays typically suck. We also do a bunch of terrible Creed impressions.

Shout outs to Ubuntu Theater Project, Cutting Ball Theater, Supervisor Jane Kim, The 21 Club, The Tempest, Cafe Oasis, Poker online and Soul Cycle! AND we tell the story of our first Born Ready Fan Mail!!

As always, thanks for listening and share it if you dig it!

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  1. Great show! San Francisco has been expensive for years. Gentrification is always a tough one, after all where do all the regular people that serve the google people live?
    Also regarding the Canada items. All the pins and flags were free, we thought they would be nice gifts for people, but later, it seemed stupid. Jay took the photos, many of women coming and going from the restroom. And they did start asking him to take their photos. On my birthdy he became quite ill from the giant cookie he bought on Cannabis day and had to leave before the free birthday dessert was delivered to my table. I do not use that stuff and I told him I had read an article on edibles and you have to be careful becaus they can be much stronger than smoking.
    Raymond I only tag you because I want you to see something. And Rob you must be really gentrified to refere to Divisadaro street as “Divis”. Love you, love your show.