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BORN READY Ep 14 – Executive Directoring w/ Jess Mele

Jese Mele on Born ReadyOur guess this week is Performing Arts Workshop Executive Director and Chardonnay producer Jess Mele! In this episode, we turn to our non-profit expert guest to get the scoop on where the sector is at. Jess brings a host of stats that should make any art and education loving American cringe. AND she emailed links! (below)

Anyone who works in non-profits, education, or art in general should take a listen and see where we’re at – the prognosis isn’t good. But thankfully, Jess has a couple great idea to help the field move forward. We get into those, plus Ray has BIG NEWS which is very exciting for everyone who has been following “Toilet In the Mist: The Raymond Hobbs Story.”

Tune in next week when we talk to SF Bay Guardian theater critic and Glide Memorial Development Director Rob Avila. Thanks for listening!

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