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BORN READY EP 15 – Bring on the Pain w/ Laura Lundy-Paine


This week we chat with Laura Lundy-Paine, the Artistic Director of Virago Theater, about their new show Ransom, Texas by local scribe and friend of PianoFight Bill Bivins.

We get into why Virago has staged their shows at Theater Asylum in Los Angeles and The Flea in New York, and how taking shows to those art-mecca’s has an impact on the writers, performers and the scene from which they came.

We also get into Actors Equity Association and their BAPP / 99-seat Waiver / Showcase contracts in SF / LA / NY respectively, how Equity has failed to ensure a living wage for actors. And we touch briefly on Re-Imagine LA Theater: A Call for Action that’s sweeping the LA theater scene right now.

We also answer NeatTweets! from listeners including how do you handle stage fright? What is stage right? And how can I retire early? Tweet at us questions for next @bornreadyshow or @realduncanwold or @drhobbs

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  1. I LOVED this episode. Really interesting talk about equity versus non-equity and pay for actors. My friend Tyler Coppin, who is an actor in Australia makes really good money sometimes, however he has, at various times had to work as a housecleaner for a man named Boris and also in a lampshade factory. Of course in Australia they have national healthcare.
    Raymond you need to save ALL your receipts if you ever are going to be able to support me and allow me to retire early. You should talk to Laura Lindy-Paine about how she does her tax stuff. I amy check out that play in January at Theater asylum-is it called Ransom Texas?


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