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BORN READY EP 19 – The Smoking Gun in LA w/ Colin Mitchell of Bitter Lemons


Welcome to BORN READY’s Los Angeles episode! In this show the guys interview Colin Mitchell, editor-in-chief and founder of, the website that is bringing the LA theater community together whether it likes it or not. And we check in with our LA Theater Correspondent Ellen La Scola (Ray’s Mom) and get her review of Vagrancy Theater’s most recent offering, Maria Irene Fornes’ What of the Night.

First up is Ellen’s scathing review of What of the Night. Ellen, who’s seen a ton of theater over the years, was impressed with the production value of the show but couldn’t quite put her finger on why the show was produced. Ellen’s husband Jay asks, “Couldn’t they have just painted a house?”

With Colin, we get into how and why Bitter Lemons started, and the function it serves in the LA community. One of the most necessary (and interesting) is the long-form journalism it produces about the community. Colin recounts his first major investigative piece which dug into a dispute between a theater company and a playwright and exposed Crown City Theater as a bunch of rotten crooks. From there we get Colin’s 13-point response to Re-Imagine LA Theater, a movement to revise Equity’s 99-Seat Plan, including why Equity sucks, and why Goldstar isn’t to blame for the devaluing of theater tickets.

Also, our newly renamed social media segment, Twit Show, calls out Tweets about the show and answers listener questions on life and football. And we give some shout outs to the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and immersive theater like Punchdrunk, Zombie Joe’s Underground, and Speakeasy. And Rob takes a big dump on Pippen at the Pantages.

Feel free to share the show with everyone you’ve ever met, leave comments below or hit us up on Twitter @BornReadyShow, and as always, thanks for listening!

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  1. I want to apologize for not using the words ‘ anal intercourse’ instead of the foul language version, I the interview. That bitter lemons story was good. Maybe I can meet that guy sometime at a play! Great show- next one will be the 20 show milestone! Congrats Rob, Ray and Duncan!!!

  2. I would like to say that the Maria Fornes play came off as something written by an entitled person, which is probably untrue. However watching a play about poverty, homelessness, and the very dark side of humanity, having paid 25 dollars a piece, that ends with homeless people eating blood and guts thrown on the floor by an angels, seems pointless when there are destitute people sleeping on the sidewalk outside of the theater. Maybe the money spent on tickets would have been better spent on the people on the sidewalk.
    Jay loved the podcast, but he thought I should have prepared more…hope to see you all at Christmas