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BORN READY EP 3 – Digging Your Own Grave w/ Lisa Steindler, Part 1

lisa-s-3Welcome to Episode 3 and Happy Canada Day! This is Part 1 of a two-parter with the artistic Director of Z Space, Lisa Steindler.

In this show we welcome our LA listeners, who heard about BORN READY through a Bitter Lemons write up which called the show “Excellent, counterintuitive and irreverent.” And give a shout out to our Canadian listeners on their celebration of the Great White North’s birthday.

We also cover current events – Lindsay Lohan doing Mamet in London, Mamet shutting down a run of Oleanna after one performance, and the The Kilroys’ list of 46 Awesome Plays by Women.

From there we get into how Lisa started her theater career in the Bay Area, and taking a stand against a lacking MFA program. And Ray still can’t figure out how to sign off from the show.

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Thanks for listening!

Z Space –

Bitter Lemons –

Lohan doing Mamet –

Mamet shuts down Oleanna –

The Kilroys –

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  1. well, my attention span may be short but it was at least five or ten minutes of dribble and drool of two guys who have that disease that causes a microphone to make the ego explodes. would like to hear what Lisa has to say but would need some smack to get me through beginning. Then on to People mag movie star nothingness. And theeeeen asking about movie stars on stage….a subject kinda like been beat to death by main stream press. You guys could possibly try going to local theatre and talking about it. That would be radical. You guys are as cutting edge as People Magazine.
    Project Artaud

    • Thanks for listening John! I’m glad I finally met a pretentious guy who doesn’t proofread. I find it ironic that on an episode where we talk about the negative diatribes plaguing online theater communities, you post a partially coherent, negative diatribe. In all seriousness, I respect you leaving your full name. We try and cover many topics in theater, national and local, and I’m glad you share the same passion for supporting local arts. If you want something super edgy, try out our episode with Jamie DeWolf, he’s a local artist doing insane stuff in Oakland. And definitely tune in next week when we read your comment on air to explain “red herring” and “ad hominem” fallacies.


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