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BORN READY EP 4 – Digging Your Own Grave w/ Lisa Steindler, Part 2

lisa-s-3Welcome to BORN READY Episode 4! In which, Rob continues to dig his own grave in Part 2 of our interview with Z Space Artistic Director Lisa Steindler. Listen to Part 1 w/ Lisa here.

In this episode we talk #TheaterPetPeeves like playwrights refusing to use contractions in dialog; that $12 glass of wine you have to chug before the end of intermission; and not learning what theaters do before submitting your totally off-mission play. And we cover #TheaterPetPeeves from @LilyJaniak, @FrankieG_Baby,  and @MauraHalloran.

A lot of what we discuss with Lisa is how difficult it is to have an open, honest conversation in our field. From holding back unvarnished opinions  to avoid offending potential employers, to hopping up on your pedestal and talking at people, to being so busy and worried about just surviving that we don’t have time or energy to poke our heads up, check out new cool shit and talk to those folks who are making it. In this vein, Lisa and Rob have an open, honest conversation on late seating with Lisa ultimately getting the upper hand because she’s a reasonable human being.

We call out our favorite moments we’ve seen on stage, talk international theater and its importance in the day to day lives of folks living in other countries, and Z Space’s eclectic, national-in-scope bent in programming, and why it’s important to stay nimble as an arts organization. And how community theater will ultimately save the performing arts.

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