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BORN READY EP 5 – Being a Derelict w/ Allison Page


We made 5 episodes! I didn’t know if we’d get there, or if anyone would give a shit, but we did and people do! This show we’re stoked to welcome the new co-creative director of Killing My Lobster, Allison Page.

We talk KML’s most recent kick-ass production at Fury Factory, curtain speeches, talk backs, the pluses of actors being involved in the sketch writing process, stripping away production value in favor of more jokes per second, and Ray gets jealous that I went to a show without him.

In the second half we tackle two main articles. The first, by Jake Witlen, advocates that the US allocate more funds to the arts which is great, but makes the case in a way that drives me insane. And the second article, by Devon Smith, makes the bold statement that we should let arts orgs die.

We also give some quick shout outs to Direct Address, who gave us a nice write up last week saying “You should probably be listening to this.” And we shout out to the SF Theater Pub blog, plug Z Dating Game and PFMD’s EP Release Party and call out The Real Ally Show, with Joel Dovev, Ally Johnson and Rand Courtney, as another great podcast you should probably be listening to.

And as always, you can tweet at us @BornReadyShow @DrHobbs @RealDuncanWold @AllisonLynnPage



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