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BORN READY EP 7 – Merlot Out of a Sippy Cup w/ Brad Erickson

Born_Ready_EP_7_Brad_EricksonHello and welcome to episode 7 of BORN READY. Today we talk to Brad Erickson, the executive director of Theater Bay Area (TBA). Topics include theater pet peeves, TBA’s “Bridge the Gap” fundraiser, the TBA awards, the soon to be arts complex at 950 Market, and drinking wine from a sippy cup.

We hope you enjoy the show and visit us at online roulette. And as always, please let us know what you think in the comments and on twitter @BornReadyShow.


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  1. Great show, but I would like to point out that the lines at the restroom EVERYWHERE are much, much longer for women. It is yet another area of discrimination-only one woman can use a toilet at a time. Many venues are sorely lacking in an adequate number of restrooms for women, meaning that some women miss part of the show while waiting in line or because they have to leave before intermission in order to avoid the line.

    • Agreed! Which is why PianoFight has installed UNISEX bathrooms at the new venue – SO EVERYONE HAS TO SUFFER TOGETHER.

      • I think women should have first priority because more than one man can pee in one toilet at a time, and they also can probably go in the alley.

  2. on the topic of “talk backs” at the movies. Yes, you can, they have them all the time down here and they are usually super stupid. Mainly because the movie was bad so the “meaning” as explained by the film maker is laughable-one example is the film Ballast. Also because there are a bunch of deep thinking pseudo-intellectual film maker or film critic wannabes who, if the filmmaker is interesting , hog the talk back by phrasing questions which are intended to showcase the questioner’s knowledge of film and deep thought.