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  1. Just listened to last episode. A few concerns: 1.everyone does not like wrestling 2. I find it disturbing Raymond was on Napster in 7th grade and I had no idea. 3. Star Trek is not deep. I never even knew it was in color until recently. 4. Quit damning Shakespeare. The comedies are great as is Romeo and Juliet. 5. Speaking of kick starter when is the fucking ‘Gala’? 6. I realize John Legend maybe easy , but I also went to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. And let me tell you when we were going to grateful dead concerts we NEVER would have put up with fucking recorded music for two hours before the actual live music started- or counted the recorded music as the start time. The band may have been stoned but they were there. Lastly, people often get more liberal as they age and do not underestimate us! Love your show!

  2. Also live theater is only as good as your tickets. If you have to use binoculars, not good. That is why equity waiver theaters are so fabulous.

  3. Just finished listening to latest episode. I am going to read all the articles mentioned tomorrow. I think you may want to consider something0- I love you both but this show is really becoming, or maybe that is what it is supposed to be, another male dominated, and I say this because almost all of the entertainment industry is male dominated and I think you can do much, much better. Less penis jokes would be a good start. We all know you Raymond has one (circumcised) but you guys have far more to contribute. I would not want to hear a bunch of vagina jokes or nun jokes either. I also think you had a very articulate guest who had really interesting things to say and I would have like to here him a little more. I suggest you tighten up the presentation and keep it down to an hour. Edit ruthlessly. Also if you are going to discuss art and funding do a little research. Know your stuff.
    No, all art should not be funded publicly. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art spent millions on a giant rock which is mostly used as a photo op. Funding by the NEA and other entities is purely a tax based situation which benefits donors when they donate to a 501-3C and requires the recipient to adhere to certain guidelines. Guidelines which don’t apply to corporations that are people or to individuals hiding money in offshore accounts. If someone wants to donate to a sketch comedy group they can and a sketch comedy group could be a non-profit. As for the banning of certain critics, I have to read the entire article. And yes theater needs to be more inclusive. More on that later.

    Finally, and I say this with love, I think you should try and have another female guest on ASAP. I think you have a great thing here, but you may be losing potential listeners by being so testosterone heavy. Also I think soul cycle is really expensive, although it is good exercise. I am going to start up spin class again soon, just at my regular gym .My friend Cindy wanted me to go to soul cycle , because they have candles and stuff and talk about spiritual things, but I do not believe it. I guess Rob gets to go for free.

  4. also I really liked a lot of the most recent stuff, especially about the history of sketch comedy, north beach, the committee etc.
    I hope my previous email was not too harsh. I just want all of you to be a great success -my mother was an editor and sometimes when it hurts the most is when things turn out the best.

  5. Enjoyed episode number 11. And thanks to Jess for acknowledging that I pay Raymond’s cell phone bill. I really hope you are kidding about the ass tattoos, the maple leaf could be discrete and small, but the mount Rushmore on on my son m’s bottom disturbs me. On the subject of Canadian films have you ever seen My Winnipeg? , it was pretty spicy as I recall. Also on the subject of nicknames, as a baby Raymond was called Rambo and Mr. Señor Bootie-toots. I really want to see the ladies of Chardonnay perform. I loved the boom splatt thing. I will be up there in two weeks to see my sonny boy! Good job, and nice work people.

  6. I forgot to mention the comment Raymond made, that I am embarrassing, he should recall he made a speech at my wedding to Jay (third and present husband) that included a discussion of masturbation and other inappropriate content. It was hilarious.

  7. Loved episode 20. Everyone, including the carpenter seemed very nice. I also like Lisa, is it Steiner? Anyway , a few concerns. Rob needs to quit smoking. Drinking makes ulcer worse. I thought you guys did well, and the interviews were entertaining. Raymond- your great grandmother was from the Piedmont in northern Italy, near Turin and lived in San Francisco-Survived the 1906 earthquake. Your great grandfather came from Palermo, Sicily and was a jitney driver and worked the poultry market at the wharf. I want to meet Lisa, she seems really nice. Good job, looking forward to seeing the new Pianofight bar, theater , restaurant-I expect a personalized tour over the Christmas Holidays! Cheers!

  8. LOVED Revolva! I would like to mention that Oprah and her fake feel good spiritual carnival show, are supporting the conservative one percent, who have successfully brainwashed many people in this country, by convincing them that somehow, the success of the wealthy will eventually trickle down to the peons. Her example , albeit an extremely successful person who has triumphed over adversity, is one of conspicuous consumerism, rampant narcissism and faking out people that anyone can do it if they try hard enough. It is the same sort of thinking that has eroded away at wages, benefits, and convinced many people that somehow health care for all is not a good thing. In addition asking a woman to work for free, is similar , in fact worse, than asking women to work for less pay than men.
    This episode brings up numerous ethical, social and economic issues that this country is struggling with. The rich profit from low wage, or in this case , free employees. Like unpaid internships, it is as simple as taking advantage of people.
    Oprah is one of the reasons things like art and live theater have taken second place to cheap, reality shows , in which unfortunate people are paraded out on air , to make public their dirty laundry, all because they got to stay at a Marriot hotel and be on television, while people like Oprah profit from it. And do not forget we have her to thank for Dr. Phil. Thank you Revolva for refusing to reinforce the concept that performing on a ‘side stage’ is some sort of special opportunity, blessed by the Oprah. My best wishes to that articulate young woman, and I hope to see her show someday.
    Rob, you scare me sometimes, and not just because you are Canadian. I am hoping what you meant was that if people are putting on some sort of entertainment that is of poor quality that people do not want to see, then it should fold. But shouldn’t they be paid until their failure is established? However, due to people like Oprah and other celebrities, the American public has become so convinced that the more commercial the better, people may not even be aware of the small theater productions that are out there, and how entertaining they can be. If our government supported the arts, made college affordable and provided health care perhaps there would be more of an awareness of the arts. Instead of caving into capitalism, fight it. Or move to Europe.
    And Raymond please do not drive a car off a cliff, you would be killed. Duncan, I know it was hard to be heard over the other two, but maybe Raymond feels bad because you guys do not invite him to soul cycle. Hope to see you all at Xmas. Raymond can you ride back with us to Sacto on the 23rd?

  9. Looking forward to the 19th, make sure Raymond has spots for Jay and myself, and possibly, Spencer to sit for whatever show Raymond told me he wants us to see. I hope the New Year’s eve party is NOT the gala I was promised, because that is awfully short notice and we can’t come. Congratulations to all of you, I know how hard you have worked and the rough spots you endured. You always have my total support.

  10. Raymond, I got your present. On the subject of flatulence, you know how much I hate that as a topic. As a child my father often let out long and loud flatulence and if I laughed my mother would reprimand us, we were expected to ignore the smell and the sound. Last night when we took Jay’s grandkids to Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight at the Pasadena Playhouse, the children sitting behind his were farting loudly and very smelly, fortunately they were being Jay, Jamie and Emma. I still have problems feeling comfortable discussing flatulence and think people should go in the bathroom if they need to so that, just ;like adjusting your nethers-that woman who said that is right.

  11. I am ok. I didn’t ask a question because I never saw the prompt posted-if you are going all twitter I will not see them because I do not want to be in twitter. I do not want another password or another thing to learn. Super busy with my master’s class- a professor who teaches online and encourages us to meet with out groups in person: he looked really shocked at the “optional ‘class meeting when I asked him the guy in South Korea would do that. Anyway-your reference to “tweed and patchouli oil” describes my husband exactly. In fact it describes many of the people at the expensive concerts we go to, where I am sure they have an ambulance waiting for the next elderly PBS viewer to crump. Haven’t finished listening to this episode, so far so good, hit to all three of you plus all of pianofight. Awaiting instructions for my next theater review: or did you fire me???

  12. Hello there! My name is Hannah, and I am a long time listener, and big fan of your podcast! I am currently working in marketing for the feminist theater company, The Dirty Blondes, and aspire to open my own company some day. Part of what I am adding in the marketing department in Dirty Blondes is a segment on our facebook page called The Dirty Dozen, a tri-weekly list of our favorite feminist, theater, and all around awesome things we want the world to know about. Our first list in August is 3 awesome podcasts we can’t stop listening to and I instantly wanted to include your podcast. I am posting a short blurb on our fb page about how much I love your show, and linking your website, and I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to cite us in your files, or share our post, or just simple read my shout out! It should be posted now if you want to check it out. Thanks so much for all your awesome podcasts that have made my life better ☺ Here is the link to our fb page where your blurb is posted.