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BORN READY EP 18 – Woman on Top w/ Julie Phelps & Shamsher Virk of CounterPulse


BORN READY rolls on with episode 18 and our guests, Shamsher Virk and Julie Phelps, the Communications / Engagement Director and Artistic Director respectively of CounterPulse. As CounterPulse builds out its new facility in the Tenderloin at 80 Turk Street, and head into the final stages of a $50,000 IndieGogo campaign, we dive deep into the difficult process of arts non-profits buying real estate and building new homes.

We get into the complicated but EXTREMELY AWESOME program called CAST (Community Arts Stabilization Trust), a partnership between the Rainin Foundation, the Mayor’s Office, and the Northern California Community Loan Fund, whose goal is to keep arts organizations in the city by buying orgs buildings and setting up a lease-to-own deal. Once again we touch on whether or not arts orbs can or are gentrifying neighborhoods, and why the Tenderloin faces very different prospects than other neighborhoods as detailed in this SF Magazine article by Gary Kamiya.

Rob continues his slow pro-wrestling-style “heel turn” admonishing people to “give a shit.” And in a fun new segment, we test everybody’s carnal knowledge in “Dance Move or Sex Position?”

Shout outs to TNDC, CCSROC (and Karin and Prutiba!), Hospitality House and Luggage Store Gallery (Darryl!), and The EXIT Theater.

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  1. Interesting, Raymond’s great grandmother lived at 120 Ellis st. My son is not a dick! Also I wasn’t aware Rob smokes-STOP! I found the topic of gentrification and keeping communities inclusive interesting. In Los Angeles, Highland park a traditionally lower income are is getting gentrified. Of course, like San Francisco it is very expensive down here.
    The guests were very articulate and informative. I hope Duncan is not smoking. Or my son.

  2. Is the young man interviewed from Canada? I thought I detected a slight accent when he the said the word “been” and pronounced it “bean” instead of “bin”