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BORN READY EP 10 – Put Lipstick on Your Dick w/ Jamie Wright & Sam Shaw


Welcome to Born Ready episode 10! This week we sit down with Jamie Wright and Sam Shaw, producers of the San Francisco Improv Festival and the makers of the upcoming documentary on San Francisco’s legendary comedy group The Committee. This week we’re drinking Modelo and tequila cause THAT’S WHAT PAIRS WELL WITH THEATER.

We start on this Bitter Lemons article on the role of the critic in the theater community, and the big response it prompted. Then move to an older article from HowlRound by Lily Janiak on Cal Shakes and being inclusive, and the subsequent bullshit apology it prompted. And then hit on another article from American Theater Magazine on what deserves funding.

We also dive deep into The Committee, San Francisco’s hugely influential improv and sketch company from the 1960’s and the documentary Sam and Jamie are making on the group. We get into how and why it started, the mix of awesome that made it explode in popularity, and exactly what the hell The Harold is and why it’s important.

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