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BORN READY EP 17 – Rob and Ray are Presenting a TBA Award w/ Robert Sokol


Thanks for tuning it to what American Theater Magazine calls “The Bay Area’s bad boys of theater punditry,” BORN READY! In our latest episode we talk shop with Theatre Bay Area Awards Program Manager, Robert Sokol, the man tasked with the frequently thankless job of spearheading the TBA Awards.

We get the basic gist of how the awards work, parity amongst award tiers, eligibility requirements, and what is or is not considered theater. We also get back to a discussion we had on our very first episode on what is the purpose of awards shows in general.

We learn that Tony Award winner Betty Buckley will be at the award show, and we learn that Ray and Rob have no idea who that is and are generally bad theater people. We also find out, when Robert PROMISES ON AIR, that Ray and Rob will be presenting one of the awards at the show. Right?! Robert?!!?

The TBA Awards are happening Mon, Nov. 10 at 7pm, at the Geary Theater. Tickets are $35 – $125 and can be purchased here. And you can see a full list of finalists here.

Shout outs to YouthSpeaks, SF Bay Guardian staffers buying back their paper, Theater MadCap’s upcoming True West, the #HooperCarlheim wedding, TBA’s new podcast Theatre Process,  the Nitey Awards, District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and the SF Arts Town Hall,  and Theater Pub and Stuart Bousel. We also answer questions from Patricia Milton, Ashley Seibels, Heather Preston-Wheeler, and DrQuinittiulKBroodFlesh, and call out Tweets / comments from @FrankieG_Baby@JessCMele, @AnnetteinSF, Laura Lundy-Paine and William Bivins.

You can tweet questions / comments / love / hate mail to @BornReadyShow, @DrHobbs and @RealDuncanWold and as always, thanks for listening!

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