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BORN READY EP 23 – The Meat of Our Displeasure with Oprah w/ Revolva


Welcome to episode 23! Our guest this week is Revolva, writer, comedian, and hoola hooper who recently took on Oprah Winfrey on her decision to book local talent at her recent “The Life You Want” tour without offering to pay those performers.

Before we get into “the meat of our displeasure,” we respond to two listener comments, one from Daniel Faigin on how DOPE our podcast is, and another from Wylie Herman on making a living as an artist by taking corporate gigs.

With Revolva, we get the story of why she wrote an Open Letter to Oprah, and what happened when the post went viral.  We find out why Revolva didn’t take the gig, and the response that her post got. We get into how artists need to project success so that audiences will think you’re in demand which makes it difficult to talk about the real financial situations of working artists. We talk about exposure vs. pay, and wonder if exposure is ever really worth it, or more importantly, fair. And we dive head first into the debate on when it’s ok (if ever) to not pay artists given the society / culture / economy in this country.

We ran out of time on the show but for anyone listening, you can check out this article on Pomplamoose’s recent national tour and this post on Howlround about Equity productions.

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  1. Rob n’ Ray, thanks for your response! BTW, Javert (Jah-Vare): Antagonist of Jean Valjean in Les Mis. That’s what I get for dropping a literary reference even I don’t really give two shits about 😉 Thanks for linking to my film project. Keep it reafy!

  2. 65% there guys, congrats:) Also super appreciate you sending the Clorox commercial down the line! I’ve done way worse shit for less money, had a great time, all thanks to ROB READY. Also in the 2015’s Credit Karma commercial, stoked to have my high school friends hopefully maybe yell stupid shit at me and think I got paid a lot to do that. Such an awesome interview with Revolva, love how real y’all get. “We can’t create work if we can’t survive.” Also thanks for the inspiration, we are ~20% there with our new podcast, Håwt Linkzz (3 episodes so far and recognizing & loving the figuring it out/finding our voice factor). We interview Bay Area musicians about…music stuff. Totally inspired by the Born Ready Show existing and getting better with every episode. Thanks Guys!