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BORN READY EP 24 – The Bar is as Old as the Golden Gate Bridge


Welcome to episode 24! This week, in honor of announcing the opening of PianoFight’s new venue on Dec. 19, Ray and Duncan stage a coup and take over the show to interview Rob about everything that went in to building SF’s Next Landmark Entertainment Venue.

We respond to Daniel Faigin again, and talk about how to give and receive criticism in a constructive way – a skill the Born Ready crew has not mastered. From there we get into the construction of PianoFight’s new venue – how long it’s taken, and the challenges that go into pursuing your passion, a major sacrifice being time.

The ladies of Chardonnay stop by to judge us and announce their first show at PianoFight – a co-billing with Mission CTRL on December 19th at PianoFight. We also announce that Sean Keane and Drennon Davis will be performing Dec. 30 and 31 at PianoFight.

From there, we pull Dan Williams away from hanging curtains to chat about how the build out process has gone for him. PianoFight’s Executive Director gets candid about the struggles with people he’s hired, and the joys with people who show up and work for free because they’re passionate.

And we close out with a fun FaceBeet section where Ray answers a TON of questions from listeners.

Thanks for listening!


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