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BORN READY EP 25 – Pay the Motherfuckers with Money w/ Kevin O’Shae


And we’re back! After a break for the holidays and opening the space, local comedian Kevin O’Shea joins Rob and Ray for Born Ready, recorded for the first time in front of a LIVE audience at PianoFight.

The guys tell the story of PianoFight’s fabled porn-soul theater seats, set the rules for a drinking game with the audience, answer listener questions in our social media segment FaceBeat, and Ray and Rob call out the shows they are most stoked to see in the next few months.

From there the guys bring on local comic, Kevin O’Shae, and find out how he got into comedy and why. They ask Kevin, who has toured extensively across the country, how different cities have developed their own unique comedy scenes and Kevin explains the defining characteristics of the SF scene. The guys also get into how SF SketchFest fits into the Bay Area community, and Rob calls out SketchFest for not paying local performers what they’re bringing in.

After the show, stay tuned for a stand up set from Kevin on turning 30, people losing their shit in public, and reviews of Kevin on Yelp.

Hit us up with questions or comments below or on Twitter @BornReadyShow. As always, thanks for listening!

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