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BORN READY – EP 33 – Twelve Years in the Dark Room w/ Jim Fourniadis


After a 12-year run, The Dark Room is shutting it’s doors. The iconic indy comedy venue’s Grand Poobah Jim Fourniadis sits down to share memories, history, and the scoop on why the venue is closing. The guys wonder what, if anything, this means for arts in San Francisco, agree on the value of letting artists fail, and get the skinny on how the company skated the line between parody and cease and desist orders. Also, Nicaraguan pirates release Ray who returns as co-host this week with another FaceBeat.

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  1. OMG I loved this episode, I love Jim he sounds so good looking. Surprised to see the photo on this podcast of the old man in the paint splattered shirt-is that him? He is fabulous. Also felt Duncan made a good contribution with his one comment. Naturally Raymond is my favorite. I hope Jim is able to start up another venue for theater because I am so sorry to have missed the Twilight zone among other shows that were mentioned. Also extremely sad and perplexed that my own son, who I breastfed, NEVER turned me on to darkroom or directed me to of there. Jeez. Love to all.