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BORN READY EP 9 – Please Enlighten Us All w/ Duncan Wold



Welcome to the NINTH installment of BORN READY! This episode we dive into music and what theater can learn from it with our VERY SPECIAL guest (and producer) Duncan Wold!

What starts as a pretty esoteric conversation on “What is Art?” Turns into a concrete discussion how the insights and adaptations of the music industry – like digital distribution, venue changes, and sales strategies – have kept it hyper relevant and allowed the industry to continually built its audience. And we plug PFMD’s upcoming EP release party at Leo’s Music Club in Oakland on Thurs, Aug. 14 at 8pm and play a cut off the EP. Listen to the full album here, and get more info and tickets to the show here.

As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy it and share it if you do!

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