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BORN READY LIVE – EP 26 – Winning the Humility Award w/ Stuart Bousel & Jamie DeWolf


This week we’re back LIVE (recorded) from PianoFight’s Main Stage in San Francisco with two Bay Area Theater Heavyweights, Stuart Bousel and Jamie DeWolf, weighing in on the State of the Theatrical Union.

We get a glimpse into the lives of two of the busiest creators in the Bay Area indy scene and find out why they do so much, and how they manage it all. We talk about awards and how they are and are not bullshit, and the effect they have on winners. And Rob asks the age old questions, do sales equal quality?

And finally, the identity of @FakeDuncanWold is revealed startlingly in our social media segment, #FaceBeat.

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  1. Great show. Rob is wrong, ticket sales do not reflect quality, Justin Bieber is a good example. Also I really felt sad that Stuart Bousel did not let his mother touch his award. Mothers revel in their children’s success. We bore you in our bodies for nine months , brought you kids forth in pain, and in many cases, breast fed you. I hope if Raymond gets an award he will let me enjoy it, and hold it so I can post it on Facebook. Jamie De Wolf is also great, and Robin also. I love your show-hope we can make up to the bay area soon.